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Seward County Development Corporation (SCDC)

  1. Seward County Development Corporation (SCDC)
    We are very excited to announce that the Seward County Development Corporation (SCDC) has been formed! The objective of the corporation is to promote the exchange of ideas and information among members to preserve, protect, enhance and develop existing business and pursue quality new business to provide both economic and lifestyle opportunities for the County’s residents and businesses. Provide and promote an economically viable, dynamic and livable Seward County, Kansas.
  2. We are seeking applicants for two at-large members. There are two (2) Community At Large Members to be appointed by the Seward County Development Corporation Executive Committee.
  3. All applications for openings will be taken until all vacancies are filled.
  4. Only applicants who submit this completed form will be considered for an At-Large appointment to the Seward County Development Corporation (SCDC). You may also submit a resume, but it will not substitute for this form. If you have any questions please call Eli Svaty, Executive Director at 620-604-5136 or by email at Thank you for your interest in serving the Citizens of Seward County, Kansas
  5. If retired, please indicate former occupation
  6. Are you a resident of Liberal/Kismet, Seward County?
  7. Are you currently or have you ever served on any City/County Commission, Committee or Board?
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