What is the Estimated Tax Notice Information?

In March 2021, the Kansas Legislature passed K.S.A. 79-2988, which requires Kansas County Clerks to send taxpayers notification of the revenue neutral rate (RNR) compared to the proposed rate for each taxing subdivisions. Taxing subdivisions are prohibited from levying an ad valorem property tax that exceeds the RNR without first holding a public hearing and passing a resolution.

Therefore, in August, an estimated tax notice will be mailed out by the County Clerk to all County property owners with information about property tax revenue and an estimated tax notice on behalf of all of their taxing subdivisions. 

The notice will include: 

  • information on specific property values and taxes
  • dates, times, and locations for upcoming public hearings for taxing subdivisions that plan to exceed the RNR

This notice is not a bill and does not include information on special assessments that may be charged. It is solely a notice of whether your subdivisions plan to exceed the revenue neutral rate (RNR) for the upcoming budget.

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