1. Cimarron Basin Community Corrections

    View contact information and more for the Cimarron Basin Community Corrections.

  2. County Appraiser

    Review important property tax deadlines and contact information for the County Appraiser.

  3. County Attorney

    View contact information and more for the County Attorney.

  4. County Clerk

    Tax levies and the Freedom of Information Act.

  5. Election Information

  6. County Administration

    Obtain information on payroll, benefits, and more.

  7. County Treasurer

    Read through information on tags, taxes, and more.

  8. District Court

    Obtain contact information for different areas of the District Court.

  9. Emergency Management

    Review information on severe weather preparedness, Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), and more.

  10. EMS

    Read about the mission, their commitment, and more for the Seward County Emergency Medical Service.

  11. Event Center

    Locate facilities, local events, and more at the Event Center.

  12. Fire

    View information on the types of respones, fire prevention, recruitment, and more.

  13. GIS

    View information on map guidelines, complete a map request form, and review the Seward County disclaimer.

  14. Health

    Find information on child care licensing, clinic services, WIC services, and more.

  15. Information Technology

    Read over the functions of the Information Technology Department and how they can be contacted.

  16. Juvenile Corrections

  17. Landfill

    Browse through information on rates, permits, recycling, and much more.

  18. Maintenance

    View what services and responsibilities the Maintenance Department has and how they can be contacted.

  19. Human Resources

  20. Register of Deeds

    Read the purpose and the responsibilities of the Register of Deeds.

  21. Restlawn Cemetery

    View information about buying lots, grave openings, fees, rules and regulations, and more.

  22. Planning & Zoning

    Locate the Comprehensive Plan and information on zoning regulations for Seward County.

  23. Road & Bridge

    Locate information on the Noxious Weed Department, Pipeline Crossing Permits, and more.

  24. Sheriff's Office

    Review the different divisions of the Sheriff&#39s Office and how they can be contacted.

  25. Customer Service Recognition