County Resolutions

2021 County Resolutions

2021-01 Designating Bank Depositories

2021-02 Access to County Facilities - Repealed by Resolution 2021-11

2021-03 Extending COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

2021-04 Approving Household Emergency Relief

2021-05 Return Case No W2020-2 (Lot Split Waiver) to the Seward County/City of Kismet Planning Commission for Further Review and Recommendation

21-06 Authorizing the Offering for Sale of General Obligation Hospital Refunding Bonds

Black History Proclamation

2021-07 Allowing the Instillation of a Residentially designed Manufacture Home to be installed on a nonconforming Lot

2021-08 Approving Certain Household Emergency Relief Program Application

2021-09 Approving HHR, Award Reconciliations and further Denying Certain Incomplete Applications

2021-10 General Obligation Hospital Refunding Bonds

2021-11 Repealing Certain Previously Enacted Resolutions

2021-12 Correct and Supplement Deeds Where Seward County Kansas took Title to Property in Various Names

2021-13 KS Homeland Security Region D Hazard Mitigation Plan

2021-14 Issuance of Conditional Use Permit # CU2021-01 

2021-15 Supporting US Highway 54 Improvements

2021-16 Not Used

2021-17 Rural Opportunity Zone Zone Student Loan Repayment Program

2021-18 Appointing County Appraiser

2021-19 Proclamation of a State of Local Disaster Emergency for Seward County, Kansas

2021-18 Amended Resolution 2021-18 Appointing County Appraiser

2020 County Resolutions

2020-01 Landfill Lease-Purchase D6T Dozer Rebuild

Black History Proclamation

2020-02 Compensation Plan

2020-03 COVID 19 Public Health Emergency Resolution

2020-04 Designating Bank Depositories

2020-05 Access to County Facilities During Public Health Emergency  - Revoked by Resolution 2020-09 June 1, 2020

2020-06 Health Officer

2020-07 Planning & Zoning Waiver - No Action was taken

2020-08 Extending COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

2020-09 Opening Access to County Facilities and Revoking Certain Provisions of Resolution 2020-05

2020-10 Accepting Coronavirus Relief Funds

2020-11 Creating a Special revenue Fund for the CARES ACT, Coronavirus Relief Funds (CRF)

2020-12 Governor's Executive Order No 20-52 concerning Wearing Masks

2020-13 A Resolution Extending COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

2020-14 Wellness Committee Resolution – Removed from Meeting Agenda. There is NO adopted Resolution for this number

National Health Center Week

2020-15  A Resolution Concerning Limiting the size of gatherings at the Seward County Fairgrounds Complex -  Repealed by Resolution 2021-11

2020-16  A Resolution Adopting a Direct Aid Spending Plan & Approving Requests for Reimbursement

National 4-H Week Proclamation

2020-17 Approving CMS Waiver 

2020-18 Approving Conditional Use Permit CU2020-01

2020-19 A Resolution Approving Certain Household Emergency Relief Program Applications

2020-20 Approving Certain Household Emergency Relief and Agency Operational Relief Program Applications

2020-21 Approving Certain Household Emergency Relief, Agency Operational Relief Program and Response and Recovery Program Applications

2020-22 Requiring the Wear of Masks in Seward County, Kansas in Certain Circumstances - Resolution was not adopted

2020-23 Access to County Facilities During Public Health Emergency

2020-24 A Resolution on gathering Limits in Seward County, Kansas during a Public Health Emergency - Repealed by Resolution 2021-11

2020-25 Approving Household Emergency Relief Program, Agency Operational Relief Program, FEMA Matching Program and Response and Recovery Program

2020-26 Less Stringent Than the Provisions of the Governor's Executive Order NO.20-68 Concerning Wearing Masks

2020-27 Approving Household Emergency Relief Program and Agency Operational Relief Program

2020-28 Approving Household Emergency Relief Program and Agency Operational Relief Program

2020-29 Courthouse Drop Box

2020-30 Approving Household Emergency Relief Program Applications

2020-31 Approving Household Emergency Relief Program Applications

2020-32 Waiving Regulations to allow for a Lot Split - Resolution was removed from the meeting. There is NO adopted Resolution for this number.

2020-33 Approving Household Emergency Relief Program Applications

2019 Seward County Resolutions

2019-01 Designating Bank Depositories

Black History Month Proclamation

2019-02 Landfill Compactor Rebuild Lease Purchase

Mental Health Month Proclamation

2019-03 was inadvertently skipped. There is NO adopted Resolution for this number.

2019-04 Landfill Lease-Purchase for Two Western Star Trucks and Bodies

National Health Center Week Proclamation

2019-05  Repeal Resolution 95-13, Tunneling or altering County Roadways

National 4-H Week Proclamation

2019-06 Interlocal Agreement to Participate in Multi-County Community Corrections Program

2019-07 Resolution Authorizing Real Estate Tax Foreclosure

2019-08 Resolution Regarding Placement of Signs During Election Period

2019-09 Adopting the 2019 Solid Waste Management Plan & Committee Membership List

2019-10 Resolution Supporting a 2020 Census Partnership

2019-11 Resolution Creating the Seward County Complete Count Committee

2019-12 Lease Purchase Agreement for new Radio System with Motorola Solutions

2019-13  A Resolution Amending Resolution 2010-06 for the Limited Purpose of Permitting Construction of Two Mud Mats Prior to Delivery and Approval of a Final Development Plan and Satisfying Other Conditions

2018 Seward County Resolutions

2018-01 Designating Bank Depositories

Proclamation Black History Month

2018-02 Conditional Use Permit CU2018-01 to APAC-Kansas, Inc

2018-03 Proclaim a State of Local Disaster Emergency

2018-04 Opioid Litigation

2018-05 Financing of the Health Department Building 

2018-06 Proclaim a State of Local Disaster Emergency

2018-07 Joint Building Safety Board of Appeals

2018-08 Financing of the Fire Dept Building

2018-09 Approving Rezoning Application Simco, LLC & Yucca Ridge Golf Club, LC

2018-10 Amending Resolution 2006-10 Disposition of Surplus Property

Resolution numbers 2018-11 to 2018-16 were inadvertently skipped.
There were NO adopted Resolution for these numbers.

2018-17 Amendment of Certain Provisions of the Seward County Subdivision Regulations

Proclamation National Health Center Week

2018-18 Incorporating by Reference Various Construction Codes for Unincorporated Areas

Proclamation National Suicide Prevention Week

2018-19 Approve Proposed Extension District

2018-20 Landfill Lease/Purchase CAT 615C Scraper

Proclamation National 4-H Week

2018 P&Z Agricultural Zoning District and Associated Regulation Amendments

2018-22 2018 Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan

2018-23 Landfill Lease-Purchase of a 2019 John Deere 6175R Tractor

2018-24 Interlocal Agreement to Participate in Multi-County Community Corrections Programs

2018-25 Resolution Endorsing Efforts by the City of Dodge City to Create a Kansas Board of Regents University Center in Dodge City

2017 Seward County Resolutions

2017-01 Designating Bank Depositories

2017-02 Landfill Lease/Purchase CAT Loader 930M

2017-03 Contractor Licensing Code and Repealing the provisions of Resolution 2007-05

Proclamation Black History Month

2017-04 Advisability of Financing the Improvement and Equipping of Buildings in the County

2017-05 Authorizing Tax Sale

2017-06 Lease-Purchase for CAT Certified Rebuild of Landfill CAT 623 G Scraper

2017-07 Lease-Purchase of Landfill 2016 MACK GU813 Roll-Off Truck

2017-08 Amendment of Zoning Regulations - Accessory Structure Size and Scale

Proclamation Fair Housing

Proclamation Mental Health Awareness

2017-09 Resolution and Proclamation of a State Of Local Disaster Emergency for Seward County

2017-10 Resolution for Financing of Building Projects

2017-11 Resolution Abolishing Resolution 97-09 and Establishing Authority of Fire Board of Trustees as Advisory Board

2017-12 Appointing County Appraiser

2017-13 Lease-Purchase of Landfill Loaders (2)

2017-14 Special Building Fund

Proclamation National Health Center Week

2017-15 Resolution and Proclamation of State of Local Emergency for Seward County

2017-16 Refunding of General Obligation Hospital Bonds

2017-17 Lease-Purchase of 1411 W 15th Street

Proclamation National 4-H Week

2017-18 Adopting Mitigation Plan

2017-19 Solid Waste Management Plan

Lady Saints Proclamation

2017-20 Bond Resolution IRB Hibbs Transport, Inc

2016 Seward County Resolutions

2016-01 Designating Bank Depositories

2016-02 Landfill Lease Truck Purchase 

Proclamation Black History Month

2016-03 Landfill Lease Purchase of Compost Turner and Water Wagon

2016-04 Issuance of General Obligation Hospital Refunding Bonds

2016-05 Conditional Use Permit 2016-01 Allowing Lawnmower Repair Shop

2016-06 Conditional Use Permit 201-02 Allowing a Soil Borrow Pit and Temporary Concrete Batch Plant

Proclamation National Health Center Week 

2016-07 EMS Lease-Purchase of Osage Modular Ambulance Body and Chevy Type III Life Line Ambulances

2016-08 Solid Waste Management Plan

2016-09 P&Z Regulations Amendment

2016-10 Taxable Industrial Revenue Bonds

2015 Seward County Resolutions

2015-01 Designating Bank Depositories

2015-02 Resolution Replacing Resolution 2015-01

Proclamation Black History Month

Proclamation Kansas Agriculture Month 2015

Fair Housing Month Proclamation

2015-03 Sale of General Obligation Bonds

2015-04 Tax and Securities Compliance

2015-05 Omnibus Continuing Disclosure


2015-06 Landfill Lease Purchase 2006 Cat Scraper

2015-07 P&Z Amendment of Regulations

2015-08 P&Z Amendment Article 17 "PUDS"

2015-09 Landfill Lease-Purchase 2015 Cat 930 M Wheel Loader

Proclamation 4-H Week 

2015-10 Solid Waste Management Plan

2015-11 P&Z Amendment - Update non-conforming mobile or manufactured homes requirements

2015-12 P&Z Amendment - No Conditional Use Permit for electric transmission lines

2015-13 Proposed Placement of Refugees from Syria

2014 Seward County Resolutions

2014-01 Designating Bank Depositories

2014-02 Mortgage Registration Fee

Proclamation Black History Month

2014-03 Consent Agenda - Replacing Resolution 2001-07

Proclamation Child Abuse Month

Proclamation Fair Housing

2014-04 Conditional Use Permit # CU2014-01 allowing Manufactured Home Subdivision

2014-05 Conditional Use Permit # CU2014-02 allowing 80 foot tower Residential Wind Generation System

2014-06 Approving the Lease-Purchase of a Caterpillar 826H Landfill Compactor

2014-07 Landfill Dozer Lease-Purchase

Proclamation 4- H Week

2014-08 Solid Waste Management Plan

2014-09 Approving the Landfill Lease-Purchase of Mack Truck, Trash Body & Side Load Dumpsters

2014-10 KDHE Illegal Dump Site # 1

2013 Seward County Resolutions

2013-01 Designating Bank Depositories

Proclamation - Black History Month

2013-02 Black-Tailed Prairie Dog

2013-03 Lesser Prairie Chicken

2013-04 Preserve and Defend the Second Amendment

2013-05 Supporting 2nd Amendment Protection Act

2013-06 Appointing a County Appraiser

2013-07 Indefinite Postponement of Wind Project

2013-08 Authorizing the Issuance of Conditional Use Permit CU2013-02

Proclamation - 4-H Week

2013-09 Unsustainable Debt Resolution

2013-10 Natural Resource Coordination Plan

2013-11 Lesser Prairie Chicken Conservation, Management Study Plan

2013-13 Approving CU2013-03 John Stonestreet Commercial Shop Building

2013-12 Redistricting

2013-14 Approve Landfill Lease

2013-15 Approve Solid Waste Management Plan

2013-16 Conceal Carry