Restlawn Cemetery

Restlawn Cemetery is owned and operated by Seward County, Kansas. The cemetery is located approximately four miles north of the City of Liberal, Kansas on Highway 83. It s an 8.6 acres cemetery.

Restlawn Cemetery is made up of two additions. The first addition (older part of the cemetery) lot size is 5' wide x 10’ long with 1-foot setback for easement and water line.  The first addition includes Devotion, Veterans, Savior, 4 Seasons, Last Supper, Masonic Garden and Garden of the Apostles. 

The second addition lot size is  5’ wide x 12’ long  with 1 foot setback for easement and water line. The second addition includes Garden of the Cross, Garden of the Shepherds, Garden of the Angels and Garden of the Stars. 

First addition plot space sell for $250 plus recording fee. Only flush-ground type memorials are allowed in this addition. 

Second addition plot space sell for $350 plus recording fee.  Upright monuments are allowed in this addition with specific guidelines.

The County Clerk’s office keeps all Restlawn records along with a detailed map of the cemetery. Seward County’s goal is keep the grounds in beautiful condition along with always maintaining a dignified and pleasant surrounding for all. 

Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Reglas y regulaciones


The Directory is a listing of names and locations of those interred at Restlawn Cemetery. It is updated a week before Memorial Day every year.

View the 2023 Directory.

For current records check out Find a Grave.*

*Find a Grave is a 3rd party website maintained by volunteers. Seward County is not responsible for omissions or errors. 

Please note concrete or metal outer casket containers for adult burials are required in both Restlawn first and second additions. Restlawn Cemetery does not provide the concrete or metal casket containers (vault). Vaults for cremation burials are optional.

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