Fee Schedule

2020 Fees 

  • For recording deeds, mortgages, or other instruments of writing, for first page (not to exceed legal size page 8 1/2" x 14"): $21
  • For second page and each additional page or fraction thereof: $17
  • Recording town plats, for each page: $32
  • Recording release or assignment of real estate mortgage: $20 per release or assignment plus $4 per page of document
  • Certificate certifying any instrument of record: $13
  • For filing liens for materials and services under K.S.A. 58-201 and amendments thereto: $17

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Uniform Commercial Code

  • Initial Financing Statement up to 10 pages: $15
  • Initial Financing Statement each page after 10: $1
  • Amendment Statement up to 10 pages: $15
  • Amendment Statement each page after 10: $1
  • Search request for each name: $15
  • Search request copies per page: $1
Only financing statements which cover fixtures, timber to be cut, and as-extracted oil, gas, and other minerals are filed with the register of deeds (in the county where the land is located). All other financing statements will be filed at the Secretary of State's office. To be perfected you should file all financing statements, except for fixture filings pertaining to real estate, in the Secretary of State’s office and not the Register of Deeds. If you send it with the correct filing fees to the Register of Deeds, it will be filed, no questions asked. New laws make it the responsibility of the secured party to be perfected or secured.

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