County Appraiser

The Seward County Appraiser's office is responsible for the appraisal of all real estate, both commercial and residential, and the appraisal of all personal property within the County.

The County Appraiser is an appointed office with the responsibility to discover, list, appraise, and maintain records of data relating to all taxable and exempt, real and personal property within Seward County.

Important Property Tax Deadlines
Last day for:
  • County to mail valuation notices - March 1
  • Taxpayers to file an Equalization Appeal - 30 days from the date the County mailed the notice
  • Taxpayers to file personal property rendition - March 15
  • Taxpayers to file oil and gas property rendition - April 1
  • Tax payment due, in full or first half  - December 20
  • Tax payment due, second half - May 10
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